Director's Desk.

Welcome to the ALK Family, One thing that we all as entrepreneurs have in common is, the will to dream and a burning desire to achieve it. Being an entrepreneur is a way of life and not just a career choice. It consumes most of our lives and changes our perspective and approach to different things in life. Everything that comes at us, becomes subject to evaluation and this high-level perspective changes the way we tackle demanding circumstances. It's genetically pre-dispositioned in our DNA to merely survive but thrive towards passion.

The biggest hurdle people face in the course of achieving their goals is that they fail to set them right or even if they do, their approach towards it is all wrong. The best and most acquired way to achieve any goal in life is to not only set them in the right way but also to plan and execute their actions in accordance.

The first step in the SMART method of goal setting is to ensure that the goals you wish to achieve are specific and realistic. It should be measurable so that, you can track the success of your goal. If you want your goal to materialize, you NEED to be specific about it. It must move from your mind into the reality. You literally need to detail out all that you want to achieve.

The goals of an entrepreneur are very much like an airplane journey. We are in the hurry of reaching our final destination and making that smooth landing.

But for that we need to be clear of where our destination is and how much time is it going to take us to reach there.