Exclusive Search

This is more of a collaborative search, where the company and the recruiter work together to locate and attract the person who is truly right for the job. The "exclusive" part of the agreement is just that: the position is exclusive to the search professional and can't be filled by any other source during the exclusive period. Every search should be original and every search, if done right, should take some time.

This type of search requires an upfront deposit. That deposit is taken off the balance of the fee when the search is completed and is guaranteed. If the recruiter doesn't locate a predetermined number of qualified candidates in a set amount of time (normally 2-3 candidates in 60-90 days), the deposit is paid back in full. That way the company knows that the recruiter is actually working the job and not just "keeping it in mind." On the other hand, the recruiter knows their time spent digging into the marketplace is time well spent.

Key Benefits of the Service:

High Priority: Partnering exclusively places the client in a position of utmost importance. Recruiters are able to dedicate more time and resources because they understand the loyalty of the partnership, driving them to dig deeper and uncover the elusive candidates that may not be actively "searching."

Comprehensive Understanding: Recruiters focus on understanding the nuances of the clients' company culture in addition to the technical requirements of the position. By effective, actionable communication, the client and recruiter establish a thorough analysis of what is needed to make the relationship work leading to success within the client's organization.

Consistent Messaging: When clients' enlist the help of multiple firms, they open up the door to less effective communication which can result in inconsistent messages being delivered by recruiters. By working exclusively with a reputable recruiting firm, there will be a consistent message in terms of brand/ company representation and position description accuracy.