International Hiring

International or global recruiting is a method of recruiting that, among other of its features, can be very specialized and niche, e.g., in targeting overseas senior talent, or focused on capitalizing on lower labor costs in other regions.

One of its drivers is that globalization has created the need for management talent with knowledge of local markets, local contacts, global networks, and the ability to localize products and services.

Organizations looking to expand internationally must often source local management talent without having direct knowledge or experience in the area and will therefore turn to local HR or global recruiting experts for assistance.

Key Benefits of the Service:

When going global, many companies take advantage of the benefits they get when they hire internationally. From the ability to add diversity to their team to gaining in-country knowledge, there are many ways companies can benefit from utilizing the global workforce, including:

International hiring allows companies to tap into an expanded talent pool of highly motivated, dedicated, and hard-working employees in regions around the globe. Additionally, tapping into the local talent pool allows companies to diversify and strengthen their team and gain new perspectives and fresh ideas.

Maintaining a competitive edge without a talented workforce is like going to a battlefield unarmed: the company has a plan in place but doesn't have what it takes to win. Competing in today's cut-throat global marketplace becomes much easier if a company can leverage the knowledge and understanding they get from a diverse team.

Each country and market has its own legal and cultural expectations. By hiring local nationals as opposed to sending foreign nationals into a new market, companies get the advantage of using local knowledge, experience, and understanding to help them make a lasting, positive impact in their new market.